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Red Wines.png

Red Wines

(Sorted from Dry to Sweet)

A dry red wine made from Frontenac grapes and aged in stainless steel followed by 60 days in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels. Finished dry.

Cabernet Franc.png
Cabernet Franc

A dry red wine made from Cabernet Franc grapes and aged in American Oak barrels. Lighter in color and tannins but big in spicy aromas and peppery flavor.

Dark COntinent.png
Dark Continent

A dark dry red wine made from Marechal Foch grapes. Aged in American Oak barrels, this has a smoky earthy note.

Hair of the Dog.png
Hair Of The Dog

A semi-sweet red blend from Frontenac and other French hybrid grapes aged in American oak. Earthy, smoky with berry flavor.

Reffett Red.png
Reffett Red

A sweet red wine made from Concord grapes.

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